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We are

The Line & Light Collective


The Line & Light Dance Collective originated out of the desire to create an intellectual and practical discourse surrounding the art of making dances. We aim to develop and maintain a platform for artists to investigate their personal choreographic processes, culminating in a performative event wherein these structures and concepts are questioned, revealed and presented as part of an evening length, collaborative work. 


Zee Hartmann / Artistic Director, Choreographer

Anderson Carvalho / Dancer, Choreographer

Flagg / Visual Artist, Set Designer

Kate Taylor Kernochan / Dancer, Choreographer

Vasti Knoesen / Dancer, Vocalist

Allison Tipton Milner / Dancer, Choreographer

Chané Suria Otto / Dancer, Choreographer

Tamryn Pelser / Dancer, Choreographer

Danielle Scheepers / Guest Artist